Proprietary technologies

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Proprietary technologies

Proprietary Technologies

This is the status of Jeong woo EZTEC CO., LTD.'s production facilities.

Proprietary Technologies

Electroless plating technology

- Applications: Chip parts related to wireless communication using Ag, Cu, W, Mn, Mo electrodes on LTCC, Al2O3, HTCC, ALN ceramics
- Plating application specifications: ENIG,ENEPIG
- Applied technology: *Securing plating quality by controlling the black pad phenomenon (solder, wire bonding)
* Fine pattern plating (Non-plating, plating spread control)

Gold plating technology on hydrogen fuel cell separator

- Applications: Submarines, warships, excavator, unmanned submersibles, etc.
- Plating application specifications: Gold plating (Direct gold plating on SUS)
- Applied technology: Stable plating process by controlling plating thickness deviation using shielding and optimizing chemicals

High ductility electroless nickel plating technology

- Applications: Communication parts, electronic parts
- Plating application specifications: Electroless nickel thickness 10㎛ or more
- Applied technology: Vickers hardness of 200 or less. Power inductor electrolytic plating alternative electroless plating process has been applied for the first time in Korea

Neutral stone plating technology

-Applications: MLCC,CR etc.
Plating application specification: Ni/Sn Cu/Ni/Sn
-Applied technology: Since it does not use halogen compounds, chip corrosion is insignificant, and the plating particles are dense, so the solderability and adhesion are excellent.


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