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CEO Message


We will strive to secure the highest quality and continue to respond to the global era.

A company specializing in Metal Finishing

With our quality policies focused on realizing customer satisfaction management with the best quality, securing the best quality through continuous improvement, and establishing a quality strategy to respond to the global era, we will strive to grow with our customers.
Best quality! Prompt service! Minimize the defect rate!

We would like to thank our customers who have helped us continue to grow and all the employees who have shared joys and sorrows with Jeong woo EZTEC CO., LTD.

We will continue to do our best not to go against expectations of all users who trusted our company and entrusted us with works even when we are in difficulties. Thank you again all the employees who did their best amid the difficult environment.

Jeong woo EZTEC CO., LTD. Co., Ltd.       CEO Kim Jeong-jin


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